Welcome to our family

The above video has nothing to do with the content we intend to publish on this site but it sure is cool!

Anyway please visit our site often as we are always adding new content and promoting the best people in our community that have the greatest impact on our inner cities and the residents there in. Our mission is to collect and distribute valuable content that speaks to and inspires the youth of our time. We would like to create a meeting and sharing place for all to come and add their ideas and perspectives so underprivileged youth can read and experience different ways of life. The main goal here is to open the eyes of our youngsters and show them things from the past and ways of life that exist outside of their current situation. We truly believe that everyone has a purpose and talents that must be delivered to society. This is just the beginning of what we are to create here so please help us out by adding content and emailing us about your experiences and dreams. We look forward to hearing from all of you.